Hello and thank you for visiting my website. I am a very experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and wellbeing consultant, offering a safe environment in which I help individuals, couples and groups overcome the difficulties associated with anxiety, depression, anger, whatever the cause is, and all the many manifestations of stress and the many difficulties we experience over the course of our lives. 

Particularly I can help with the effects of the recent pandemic and forced isolation; and the anxiety about the future many people feel as a result of the lockdowns. Our society is changing, the way we work and more importantly our relationships; how we are with each other and the limitations imposed; some find it difficult to cope with the sudden changes to our once familiar way of life. 

I work with all manner of relationship difficulties: with individuals, couples, groups and families, especially as a consequence of the recent lockdowns. Our lives effect our children and I offer ways to manage stress, tension, and relationship strain — whether that be for an individual or the whole family.

Increasingly, we are finding it difficult to negotiate everyday life — lockdown, the pressures of the day, work/life balance and finances — yet past hurt can also cause difficulties in the present. It’s a hard life sometimes and there is no shame in taking time to invest in yourself. Therapy or counselling is not self-indulgent, but rather is a good way to check in with yourself and take stock of things by looking at the numerous everyday stresses and our difficulties managing them. Stress is the single biggest cause of mental and physical health problems and, even without having a specific problem, just overcoming tiredness and exhaustion can be achieved with the right sort of therapy.

I can help those who have been (or are being) abused, neglected or traumatised, or those with addictions. Likewise, I can help with issues of identity. I have worked in health care for over 40 years and in clinical practise for nearly 30 years and understand the various situations that cause emotional, mental and physical distress. 

Most importantly, you must feel you can work with me; that I understand you and that you feel safe to explore your world in the most beneficial way possible.

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